Verification –– The Responsible Care® Difference

Responsible Care® verification provides CIAC’s member- and partner-companies with an external perspective on whether they’re meeting their Responsible Care® commitments.

Every three years, a team of industry experts, public advocates and representatives chosen by local communities, visits each CIAC member- and partner-company and interviews its senior managers. The verification team looks for answers to three key questions: 
  • Is the company meeting the expectations outlined in the Responsible Care® Codes
  • Is an effective management system in place that supports Responsible Care, and drives continuous improvement, in all areas? 
  • Is the company’s commitment to the Responsible Care® Ethic and Principles for Sustainability tangible, and does it guide the company’s judgment, decisions and actions, internally and externally? 
The verification team then prepares a report summarizing its conclusions, identifying opportunities for improvement, and pointing out any areas requiring corrective action. That verification report is then published on CIAC’s website. Companies are also expected to communicate the results of the verification exercise to their employees and other stakeholders.
CIAC’s continued oversight of its member- and partner-companies’ operations through public verification sets Responsible Care® apart from other industry sustainability initiatives.