Responsible Care® In Action

In the early 1990s, CIAC began collecting data that clearly showed Responsible Care® was working – a pattern of continuous improvement that is still evident today. Workplace safety has improved dramatically; since 1992, CIAC members have reduced the number of injuries and illnesses at their facilities by 60 per cent. Members have also substantially reduced their environmental footprint – a unit of Canadian chemical product is now manufactured with 87 per cent fewer emissions than in 1992. Today, CIAC member-companies are pushing themselves even further, by finding innovative ways to make their operations more sustainable. Below you’ll find examples of how they’re doing just that.

Spreading the TRANSCAER® Safety Message from Coast to Coast

In the spring and summer of 2014, TRANSCAER® Canada reached out to almost a dozen communities of all sizes across Canada – with the help of the Safety Train, TRANSCAER®’s converted railcar. The classroom on wheels spent the summer months rolling its way across the country, training first responders and educating the public about the safe transportation of dangerous goods.

“It was a great summer. We achieved a lot and it is going to be even better next year,” says Kara Edwards of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) and Canada’s National TRANSCAER® Committee Coordinator.

The Safety Train’s stops included a major two-day event in Calgary hosted by Northwest Tank Lines and the Prairie Region TRANSCAER® Committee.  The event attracted more than 250 participants from 16 full-time and volunteer fire departments across Alberta.

In London, Ontario, 100 firefighters, medics and police officers took part in a five-day TRANSCAER® event co-hosted by Canada’s national railways: CN and CP.  Participants received training in foam application, hydrogen fluoride, vacuum trucks, tank car design and Midland capping kits.

Carrie Maxim, of NOVA Chemicals, believes the sessions don’t just provide crucial training – they’re essential to spreading the TRANSCAER® safety message.

“What I want communities – the public, firefighters, medics and police – to know is that companies that produce and sell chemicals, and those that transport them, are knowledgeable about the chemicals and committed to sharing information with responders so they can protect their communities,” says Maxim. “Chemical companies care very much about securing their products and keeping communities safe."

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