Responsible Care® Partners

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada’s members aren’t alone in making Responsible Care® a central part of how they do business.

Non-manufacturing companies ─ those involved in the transportation of chemical products or that provide key services to the chemistry industry ─ are also encouraged to adopt the Responsible Care® Ethic and Principles for Sustainability . CIAC’s Responsible Care® Partners act as responsible stewards of chemical products, by providing reliable transportation, equipment, environmental and emergency management services to Canada’s chemistry industry.

CIAC also has a Responsible Care® Partnership with the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors (CACD). Through this partnership, CACD’s Responsible Distribution®  initiative is recognized as equivalent to Responsible Care® for companies engaged in chemical distribution. Responsible Distribution® plays a critical role in assisting CIAC member-companies in meeting their Responsible Care®product stewardship commitments.