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Picture of Bob Masterson, CIAC President and CEO.

Bob Masterson

President and CEO

Bob Masterson is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC).  Reporting to the Board of Directors, he has full responsibility for executing the strategic direction and ongoing operations of the Association and is responsible for directing staff in accomplishing organizational priorities to create value for member-companies and partners.

Bob joined CIAC in 2010. He is the former Vice-President of Responsible Care®, the industry’s globally recognized sustainability initiative. Under his leadership, Responsible Care enacted a new set of sustainability principles and guidelines for Canada’s chemistry industry. He was previously Director, Regulatory Affairs with the Cement Association of Canada and spent 15 years as a consultant on environment and sustainability issues in a number of industry sectors including forest products, electricity, cement, mining, and energy.

Bob holds an engineering degree from Queen’s University and a Master of Public Policy from Carleton University.

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 234
Email: bmasterson@canadianchemistry.ca

Isabelle Des Chênes

Executive Vice-President

Isabelle Des Chênes joined CIAC in November 2017 and leads the Association’s strategic communications and government and stakeholder relations initiatives.  Prior to joining CIAC, Isabelle was Director of Communications for the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA). She spent eleven years in the natural resources sector in a number of progressive positions including as VP, Market Relations and International Trade with the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and VP, Market Relations for British Columbia’s Forestry Innovation Investment, Inc.  Isabelle holds a BA, Communications from the University of Ottawa.

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 242
Email: ideschenes@canadianchemistry.ca

Shannon Watt

Vice-President, Sustainability

Shannon Watt is CIAC’s Vice President of Sustainability and leads the Association’s globally recognized corporate sustainability initiative, Responsible Care®. Shannon oversees the chemistry sector’s Responsible Care commitments as well as the association’s environment and health policy advocacy, and internal corporate sustainability initiatives.

Shannon has over 15 years of experience working with national, provincial, and municipal governments and associations on environmental issues and developing public policies to advance environmental sustainability. She has worked for the Federation of Agriculture and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Shannon holds a Master of Science in Meteorology from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Environmental Life Sciences from Queen’s University

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 247
Email: swatt@canadianchemistry.ca

Greg Moffatt

Senior Director, Business and Economics

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 230
Email: gmoffatt@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Resource Diversification
  • Regulatory affairs (Alberta, B.C.)
Don Fusco

Don Fusco

Director, Government & Stakeholder Relations – Ontario

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 223
Email: dfusco@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Air Quality (Ontario)
  • Regulatory affairs (Ontario)

Yves Hamelin

Regional Director – Quebec

Tel: (819) 696-0470
Email: yhamelin@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Regulatory affairs (Quebec)

Kara Edwards

Director, Transportation

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 244
Email: kedwards@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Transportation Safety & Security
  • TEAP3

Gilles Laurin

Director, Responsible Care®

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 233
Email: glaurin@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Responsible Care
  • Process Safety
  • National Advisory Panel
  • SHARE Network

Kristaps Kuplais

Director, Finance and Corporate Services

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 224
Email: kkuplais@canadianchemistry.ca

Jeff Stevens

Director, Information Technology

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 227
Email: jstevens@canadianchemistry.ca

Nancy Marchi

Manager, Executive Services, Office of the President

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 238
Email: nmarchi@canadianchemistry.ca

Devon Babin

Communications Manager

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 225
Email: dbabin@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Corporate communications
  • Media relations

Lyn Gibbard

Manager, Corporate Governance and Policy

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 222
Email: lgibbard@canadianchemistry.ca

Dave Cherniak

Senior Policy Analyst

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 231
Email: dcherniak@canadianchemistry.ca

  • Trade Policy
  • Competitiveness
  • Health Policy

Danielle Morrison

Policy Analyst, Environment and Health

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext.255
Email: dmorrison@canadianchemistry.ca

Aaron Naor

Policy Analyst, Environment and Health

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext.253
Email: anaor@canadianchemistry.ca

Picture of Kristina Adler, CIAC Transportation Policy and Program Officer.

Kristina Adler

Transportation Policy and Program Officer

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 256
Email: kadler@canadianchemistry.ca

Cheryl Plummer

Accounting Assistant

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 240
Email: cplummer@canadianchemistry.ca

Sylvie Bentivoglio

Office Assistant

Tel: (613) 237-6215 ext. 221
Email: sbentivoglio@canadianchemistry.ca

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